Friday, 7 February 2014

A February Post

Hello again everyone! Yes it's been almost two months since I posted on here, but I have been a little busy in the last little while and I don't think anyone will hate me too much!

Either way here's a little update on all the things I'm doing and all the stuff going on in the world.

Firstly I suppose I ought to mention obligatorily that there is that whole 2014 Winter Olympics being held in Sochi starting soon, and Vladimir Putin will be merrily trolling the world. There's been lots of horrible controversy surrounding the games due of course to Russia's recent anti-gay laws (which let's be honest, this is pretty tame as far as Russian discrimination goes) and of course all the other horrible things which have been done thanks to the Sochi Olympics.

Not as nice as it looks

That doesn't even get us started on the terrorist attacks leading up to the games!

Though more to the point I won't be watching the games outside of what little I'm likely to pick up on the news since I have much more going on closer to home to be worried about.

In sadder news we of course must mourn the passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, he died apparently of a drug overdose a few days ago. This is a sad day since the man was so young and had years of acting ahead of him. He was a truly talented actor after all. It was shocking to me since I had literally seen him onscreen not three days before while he was acting in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire. So it was a very real shock to me, and I'm sure it was an awful revelation to the cast and crew of that entire project.

He was a good actor and by all accounts a good man who will be missed.


In other cinema related news I was excited to learn that a movie adaptation I have been longing to see for so long has finally begun to see production! That would be an excellent adaptation of Stephen King's novel Cell!

This is a wonderful book and one which I have always thought deserved an adaptation to the silver screen! Though there have been rumors around the web about the project all the way back in 2006 it had some trouble getting off the ground and Stephen King only finished the screenplay in 2011. However, now we have some great news on the cast with a line up of such stars like John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson (who previously collaborated to bring us the great film 1408) and the news that Hunger Games and Orphan star Isabelle Fuhrman is going to be joining the project!

With a cast like that I have high expectations for this film as it was an excellent novel and one which does a fresh take on the post-apocalyptic zombie genre! (Incidentally I'll never forgive M. Night. Shayamalan for getting me excited with his trailers for The Happening making me think it was trailer for Cell. Then again there's lots of things we can't forgive him for.)

Well as a final aside for my news I've begun my own little project on a second blog. Yes I know I can't really even keep up with one right now but hear me out here.

My other blog Seven Kingdoms Seven Hells, is designed to be a long term project with posts coming once a week (roughly) wherein I examine one chapter from the Song of Ice and Fire series wherein I analyze it for political, cultural, military, historical, and character contexts. Just so I can even briefly cover all the bases.

I'm a few chapters in already and so far haven't missed a beat on updating it. I may miss some of course since life gets in the way but I will do my best to keep updating it!

Don't worry I'll still be working on projects here too, and I'll be doing some reviews coming up as well as a few rants I can think of!

I'm not dead yet readers! Ta ta for now!