Monday, 14 January 2013

A Candid Discussion about Rape

Well readers, as promised in an earlier post I will here today be having a candid discussion about rape. You may of course be wondering why I wish to discuss such an odd, morbid and somewhat discouraging topic. It's partially inspired by the horrendous events which transpired in New Delhi a few weeks ago and partially by my own intense hatred of any sexual crime. For me rape is a special kind of evil and even the idea makes my skin crawl. The thought of someone physically forcing themselves on an unwilling partner is so disturbing it chills and enrages me to the core.

Now people wondering why I view rape as a special evil will no doubt be asking whether I personally know someone who has been the victim of rape or whether I have seen an incident which stirred deep anger withtin me. The answer to both questions is no. I simply find the entire idea to be repugnant and one that is (in my own opinion) worthy of the death penalty.

My own views on the appropriate punishment aside however, I find that there needs to be more awareness of rape, its victims, and the evils and mental trauma it can cause. Unlike murder, which is a one time act on a person, rape is an evil which can be perpetrated over and over again. It is one which is very personal and demeaning on multiple levels. I personally cannot imagine something more invasive or horrifying short of an alien laying eggs in my brain.

Laws against rape have been around for millenia, and the idea that rape is wrong is certainly something that none of our ancestors would have objected to. However, in the world today we are experiencing a terrible phenomenon, and that is blaming the victim. Blaming the victim is essentially a 'moral' cop-out in which a person says 'they were asking for it' or 'she deserved it'. Indeed the so-called moral guardians of our time try and pin the blame for rape on the victims for ridiculous things like what they were wearing, whether they were drunk, or even if they flirted with their assailant beforehand. From the man on the street to the halls of government, there are certain segments of society which seek to blame the unfortunate women who were raped for the very actions their deranged assailants carried out. Blaming the victim is a disgusting stance in that it not only enables rapits and misogynistic womanizers to make some sort of cop-out and justify their actions, it also demonizes the women who were the victim of the crime!

Thankfully there has been backlash amongst people in the world who have stood up and said no or in some cases 'fuck no' to this misogynistic crap and have protested the absurdity of such claims. These brave and sometimes victimized women have stood up and organized protests and raised awareness (even walking around nude with 'Still not asking for it' emblazened on their chests) against the absurd notion that a woman who dresses scantily, is drunk, or flirts with her attacker, is somehow asking to be raped.

However, around the world there is still not enough being done. As the horrifying case in New Delhi shows, many in the developing world and other places still do not take enough action to prevent rape, prosecute its offenders thoroughly, and of course help the victims!

However, before I go criticizing other nations or peoples I must first of course address the issues here in the West.

Firstly, I want there to be a national backlash against those who popularize and support the atrocious idea of 'blaming the victim' and for a campaign to expose these monsters and their views as hokum.

One thing I would also like to see (but sadly may never get to) is for our society to stop objectifying women as sexual objects. The mass media treating women as nothing more than pieces of meat or sex objects to be enjoyed by men is one that disgusts me. Portraying women as merely sex objects and not individuals is wrong, abhorent, and merely breeds a culture of men who have the very wrong idea about how they should address and treat women, or even what their perception of them should be. It also gives women a bad image and idea about how they should go about attracting men, how they should view their personalities and bodies, and how they ought to act in certain situations.

Does this mean I am against a woman reveling in her sexuality or enjoying and showing off her body? No, absolutely not, I merely believe we should put a personality and a woman behind the body rather than flashing a pair of photo-shopped breasts on a screen for men to enjoy.

We must also teach men that rape or any involuntary act upon a woman is wrong and must never be made. It is not a woman's fault some man jumps her, and we must give rapists and wayward men no shield to hide behind from their crimes. They should be punished and ridiculed for their acts.

One last thing we must remember is that rape is not a crime that happens only to women, men can be raped as well. Whether it is a man drugged and fondled by a mean woman, or a gay man assaulted by an angry lover or rapist it is not a victimless crime or impossible one as some would have you believe. Men can be coerced into unwanted sex, and men can be raped in rather more creative and disturbing ways. Society cannot buy the myth that any man wants it either.

Now this article of course leaves out items on pedophelia or sexual assault on children and minors, but that is for another time and another article.

Until next time dear readers, and may we all reflect upon this evil and how it mars our society and may our prayers and aid go out to its numerous victims.

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